Keelvar and Spendlinq announce partnership

to maximise business value in sourcing processes 

25 May 2023

Keelvar, the global technology provider of best-in-breed software for intelligent sourcing optimisation and autonomous sourcing, and Spendlinq, the Dutch full-service provider for the digital transformation of Source to Pay processes, announce a new partnership, dedicated to empowering organisations with the best possible advice and support to maximise business value in complex sourcing processes.

Keelvar is moving procurement forward with its best-in-breed software for intelligent sourcing optimisation and autonomous sourcing, designed for easy adoption, scale, and productivity. Its SaaS-based award-winning solutions utilise artificial intelligence, machine learning, and category expertise to deliver purpose-built solutions that are delivering results for enterprise and mid-sized global customers. “We’re delighted to partner with Spendlinq. Their expertise in Source to Pay transformation and deep understanding of leading technologies make them an ideal partner for Keelvar. Together, we will provide clients with the best possible guidance and support for complex tender processes, utilizing our easy-to-use platform with advanced capabilities. This partnership represents an exciting opportunity to bring world-class sourcing solutions to even more organisations and drive greater success for our mutual clients,’’ says Kasia Tati, Partnerships Director at Keelvar.


“At Spendlinq, we understand that navigating digital transformation challenges can be difficult. That is why we provide our clients with comprehensive support and advice. Our approach involves gaining a thorough understanding of the latest cutting-edge technologies so that we can provide our clients with the best possible guidance. One of the technologies we specialize in is Keelvar, a sophisticated sourcing solution that allows us to assist our clients with complex tender processes. Keelvar offers an easy-to-use platform with advanced capabilities, making it an ideal solution for extensive and intricate tender events,’’ says Menno Steur, Solutions Director at Spendlinq. “Moreover, Keelvar and Spendlinq share the same commitment to delivering exceptional customer service and success. At Spendlinq, we pride ourselves on providing full-service assistance to clients, from developing digital transformation strategies to implementing solutions and achieving success. As a testament to our expertise in Keelvar, we are proud to be certified in their solution’’.

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