Spendlinq introduces

'open' partner program

for Source to Pay

technology providers

18 april 2023

Spendlinq, the Dutch full-service provider for successful digital transformation of Source to Pay processes, is introducing a partner program that is open and accessible to technology providers in the Source to Pay domain. By setting up a partner network with a focus on cooperation and knowledge transfer, Spendlinq positions itself as an independent knowledge hub that closely tracks the latest market trends and technological innovations in the field. With this in mind, the service provider leads the way in assessing the newest technology in the market with the aim of finding the right match for each client who benefits from technological support. Meanwhile, the partner network represents a broad portfolio of software solutions that support Source to Pay both as a complete process and for specific process components, such as Contract Lifecycle Management, Contingent Workforce, Supplier Relationship Management, Travel & Expense Management and Accounts Payable Automation. Spendlinq is open to innovative and leading-edge technology partners to further strengthen the network and together help organisations on their way to a successful digital transformation.

Spendlinq combines distinctive expertise in the Source to Pay domain with knowledge of the best technology in the market. ''Therein lies our strength,'' says Menno Steur, Director Solutions at Spendlinq. "We believe that technology plays a central role in the digital transformation of Source to Pay processes, but only delivers the best results in the right combination with people and processes. A key pillar in our full-service concept is independent advice to organisations on the deployment of the right technology. As an implementation partner, we also continuously train and certify our consultants in the best solutions, and support organisations in terms of strategy, project and change management, and software rollout. But even after that, we'll stay involved and are always on the lookout for improvements, so if and when opportunities arise, we’ll use them in our solutions. Our functional expertise and knowledge of best practices – combined with cutting-edge technology – guarantee a successful digital transformation. We also continue to scan the market for the newest developments, so that we are always able to offer leading-edge solutions to our customers."


The software landscape has changed dramatically over the years, observes Paul van Rietschoten, Managing Director and founder of Spendlinq. "Also in the Source to Pay domain, technological developments follow each other at a rapid pace. Organizations that have been on their digital transformation journey for some time or are just starting out have a wide range of solutions to provide the right support in the process. Besides integrated solutions for Source to Pay or Purchase to Pay as a complete process, more and more software suppliers are focusing on leading-edge 'point solutions' for e.g. Contract Lifecycle Management, Contingent Workforce, Supplier Relationship Management, Travel & Expense Management and Accounts Payable Automation. And this trend is continuing unabated. Not least because, thanks to new technological developments, application integration has become a standard functionality rather than a complex and costly project. There are infinite solutions - and combinations thereof – possible, depending on the specific needs and ambitions of the organisation and its employees. A solution that can take into account what is already in place and what works well, but also provides the best support in places where it is currently lacking. This will ensure that, within the established conditions, the digital transformation will ultimately be successful and sustainable."


Paul concludes, "We are proud of our partner network and the transfer of knowledge that comes with it. We strongly value our independence to offer the best options in the interest of our clients, which is why we are always open to new technology. We look forward to establishing successful new partnerships and further building an ecosystem of international scale. Of course, we warmly invite anyone interested to take a look at our website or contact us to get acquainted."

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