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We are Spendlinq, the Source to Pay experts. As a full-service provider, we help you every step of the way towards a successful digital transformation. We design, implement and digitalise your Source to Pay processes, making sure that they work. And we’ll stay involved to make sure they keep working.

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We combine proven expertise in the Source to Pay domain with knowledge of innovative technology. With our shared professional background, we know Source to Pay processes like the back of our hand. We can tell you which technologies are on the market and which solution would best suit your needs. We’re always on the lookout for improvements, so if and when opportunities arise, we’ll use them in our solutions. Because we believe things can always be better. The result? Less risk, more financial control and sustainable success.


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We’d like to get to know you! As a team, we have one common goal: to be the best full-service provider in our field. Would you be happy to go the extra mile every day and help organisations on their journey towards a successful digital transformation of their Source to Pay processes? Then we’re looking for you!