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Get full grip on hiring temporary staff

Do you want to know exactly who you’re hiring as temporary staff, from which supplier and at what cost? Would you like to be able to better streamline the entire hiring process and know where you can save costs? Then our Contingent Workforce Management (CWM) specialists can lend a hand!

Why Contingent Workforce Management is so important

The best Contingent Workforce Management process for you

Many organisations enjoy the benefits of a flexible part of their workforce. But they’re under increasing pressure to account for spend on external staff. Surprisingly perhaps, this data is not always readily available. It requires transparency throughout the hiring process, so you always have an up-to-date picture of who you’re hiring as temporary staff, from which supplier and at what cost. A well-designed Contingent Workforce Management process connects organisations, suppliers and people. It addresses every stage of the temporary staff hiring life cycle, from sourcing and onboarding to offboarding and outplacement. On average, as much as 40% of today’s total workforce consists of external staff. Getting a better grip on this process can offer significant savings opportunities.

A best-in-class Contingent Workforce Management process streamlines all steps of the hiring process – from staff request and contracting to time registration and invoice processing – and makes it impossible for employees to hire temporary staff in any other way. By realising an integral approach and optimising all steps in conjunction with each other, you will provide benefits for both your permanent and temporary staff. And once it’s up and running, you no longer need to deal with time-consuming administration and authorisation procedures. You have full control over the hiring process and can focus on finding the right talent.

The benefits

for your


  • Make the hiring of temporary staff more efficient
  • Prevent that employees hire staff without following the right procedures
  • Reduce the costs of recruiting and selecting temporary staff 
  • Check and approve the required budget instantly
  • Reduce the chance of errors in invoices

You need expertise,

we have the experts

Whether you’re already well on your way or have only just started your digital transformation journey, we can fully support you at every stage, regardless of the technology you’re currently using. We design, implement and digitalise your Contingent Workforce Management process, making sure that it works, and we’ll stay involved to ensure it keeps working.

Knowing the field like the back of our hand, we can tell you which technologies are on the market and which solution would best suit your needs. 

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