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Realise more value in each step of the spend lifecycle

Are you confident that your organisation has full control over spend while performing well on contract compliance? Do you want to be able to secure the value of your negotiated procurement contracts in workable operational processes and actually capitalise on savings potential? Then the full integration of all steps of the Source to Pay (S2P) process could be the right solution for you!

Why Source to Pay integration is so important

The best Source to Pay process for you

Many organisations are perfectly capable of negotiating competitive agreements with suppliers. Besides guaranteeing quality, these contracts should above all realise savings potential. But when this savings potential is not optimised on an operational level, the added value of a procurement department quickly disappears. By seamlessly linking the strategic and tactical procurement process with the operational process, from order request to payment, you’ll be able to cash in on savings potential across the full breadth of your organisation.

Get more return from your strategic/tactical procurement and your operational processes by connecting the entire process chain end-to-end: from sourcing processes, contract management and procurement transactions to collaboration with suppliers and automatic handling of invoices. It enables the seamless integration of all procurement and invoice handling processes. And that’s exactly what makes process integration so powerful. You can improve financial results by reducing cost and increasing value, while simultaneously making your entire organisation more efficient, effective and successful.

The benefits

for your


  • Improve collaboration and coordination between Procurement and Finance departments
  • Easy and highly accurate spend analysis down to the fine details
  • Long-term cost savings thanks to control over allocated budget 
  • More efficient risk and performance management, ensuring better compliance with regulations, contracts and quality standards
  • Improve the user experience for both your internal users and your suppliers

You need expertise,

we have the experts

Whether you’re already well on your way or have only just started your digital transformation journey, we can fully support you at every stage, regardless of the technology you’re currently using. We design, implement and digitalise your Source to Pay process, making sure that it works, and we’ll stay involved to ensure it keeps working.

Knowing the field like the back of our hand, we can tell you which technologies are on the market and which solution would best suit your needs. 

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