Strategic Sourcing

Realise maximum value at minimum cost

Do you want to be able to respond more effectively to the quickly changing procurement needs in your organisation? Are you looking for an efficient process to select the right suppliers that is also transparent and objective? You can achieve this and more if you integrate all steps of the Strategic Sourcing process, making it seamless and efficient!

Why Strategic Sourcing is so important

The best Strategic Sourcing process for you

Effective procurement means more than ‘finding the lowest price’. Strategic sourcing helps you lay the foundations for sustainable cooperation with your suppliers, achieve savings targets and reduce risks. By applying a clear and transparent process for each procurement trajectory – with standard procedures and sourcing templates – you ensure that your procurement team can select the best products and services, at the best price and the best conditions. Combined with comprehensive project administration, you will get a firm grip on the process, ultimately enabling you to better substantiate procurement decisions.

A clear and transparent process is the key to effective procurement. To achieve this, your organisation needs to develop a clear procurement strategy and implement it in the form of an efficient process for all aspects – from drawing up specifications through to objectively comparing and selecting the best provider based on quality and price. Of course, in doing so, you need to be able to check each step against the latest laws and regulations. A structured approach will help your procurement team carry out the qualification process faster and more efficiently, even in the case of complex tenders.

The benefits

for your


  • Improve collaboration with suppliers
  • Realise organisation-wide transparency in the procurement process
  • Reduce purchasing and process costs
  • Save time thanks to efficient supplier qualification
  • Increase the quality of your service provision, both internally and externally

You need expertise,

we have the experts

Whether you’re already well on your way or have only just started your digital transformation journey, we can fully support you at every stage, regardless of the technology you’re currently using. We design, implement and digitalise your Strategic Sourcing process, making sure that it works, and we’ll stay involved to make sure it keeps working.

Knowing the field like the back of our hand, we can tell you which technologies are on the market and which solution would best suit your needs.

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