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Simplify the expense claims process, for both your employees and administration

Would you like the process of claiming business expenses to get a lot easier for your employees, but also for your financial administration? Do you wish to put an end to the unnecessary flow of expense forms and paper receipts? You can achieve this by seamlessly linking all steps of the Travel & Expense Management (TEM) process. You’ll save a lot of time (and therefore costs) and you’ll always have an up-to-date picture of actual costs.

Why Travel & Expense Management is so important

The best Travel & Expense Management process for you

In every organisation, employees incur expenses they can claim. They need to keep the original receipts and submit them every now and then using an expense form. The financial administration must then enter the details of the receipts into the financial system, and keep the paper receipts for 7 years to comply with the tax retention obligation. By integrating all steps of the Travel & Expense Management process, you create a much smoother and more efficient process. This means more convenience for employees, who will also get their expense claims paid faster and more easily.

It’s important that your employees – and managers – can quickly deal with expense claims, track the status and consult claim guidelines. You want maximum flexibility for your employees, while maintaining control over expenses. Physical or virtual payment cards will allow you to set a target and limit for each user, apply customised approval flows and track transactions. Besides a more efficient claims process, you need up-to-date insight into actual costs. Assigning costs to categories and projects will give you better insight into savings opportunities. And by allocating budgets to specific categories, it will be easier to manage costs. 

The benefits

for your


  • Speed up the turnaround time of the claims process
  • Minimise the process costs of your Travel & Expense Management
  • Save time (and costs) on administrative work
  • Prevent budget overruns and fraud 
  • 24/7 insight into expenses

You need expertise,

we have the experts

Whether you’re already well on your way or have only just started your digital transformation journey, we can fully support you at every stage, regardless of the technology you’re currently using. We design, implement and digitalise your Travel & Expense Management process, making sure that it works, and we’ll stay involved to make sure it keeps working.

Knowing the field like the back of our hand, we can tell you which technologies are on the market and which solution would best suit your needs. 

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