Spendlinq launches

full-service concept

for successful

Source to Pay transformation

6 april 2023

Spendlinq is the only Dutch full-service provider to launch a unique concept helping organisations in every step of the way towards a successful digital transformation of Source to Pay processes. Spendlinq bundles distinctive expertise in the Source to Pay domain with knowledge of the best technology in the (international) market. The organisation specialises in designing, implementing and digitising Source to Pay processes (or sub-areas thereof), regardless of the maturity phase a client is in or the technology used. From an independent position, Spendlinq seeks the right match for any client that could benefit from technological support. Therefore, the service provider has introduced an open partner network to always be at the forefront when it comes to the latest market developments and technological innovations.

According to Paul van Rietschoten, managing director and founder of Spendlinq, digital transformation of Procurement and Finance is at the top of the agenda in many organisations. "Often these initiatives risk failure due to the wrong approach to the selection process, poor cooperation between stakeholders, incorrect deployment of (existing) technology and poor integration. While - with the right expertise - it could be done so much better. Digital transformation of Source to Pay processes offers organisations huge opportunities to create long-term value and accelerate growth. Technology plays a central role in this, but it can only deliver the best results when combined with the right people and processes. We know the Source to Pay processes like the back of our hand, know which technology is on the market for them and which solution best suits our clients' situation. Despite that, in certain situations it is precisely the people and processes that need extra attention and alternative technology is not even necessary. Or with a smart technological addition, existing software gets a second life again. Our strength is that we are constantly looking for (technological) improvements, refining where and when opportunities arise, because we believe there is always room for improvement. Our functional expertise and knowledge of best practices offers - combined with the best technology - a guarantee for a successful digital transformation."


Today, Spendlinq unveils its new brand identity with a new website. This reflects Spendlinq's independent position as the only Dutch full-service provider helping organisations every step of the way towards a successful digital transformation of Source to Pay processes. Tim Schaefers, co-director, and founder of Spendlinq, says: "Based on our unique expertise in the Source to Pay domain and knowledge of innovative technology, we have developed a broad service offering and a strong team of Source to Pay experts that assists our clients with professional advice in their journey towards digital transformation of Source to Pay. Of course, we cordially invite anyone interested to take a look at our website or to contact us for an introduction."

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